Roof Lantern glazing

Double Glazed Units

All our roof lanterns are supplied with double glazed units made up using an inside pane of 4mm toughened glass with a coating of Planitherm, with a 16mm argon fitted cavity, then and outer layer of 4mm toughened glass. This unit will give a U value of 1.4 and will give you added security and is guaranteed of 10 years.


This coating is specially manufactured by Saint-Gobain for the UK market, it is designed to keep interiors more comfortable in the winter months and improve your home’s energy efficiency. For more information on this coating you can visit the Saint-Gobain website at

Solar Control and Self Cleaning

We can supply double glazed units with the outer pane made from Pilkington Active Neutral which has a slight but neutral tint. This is also available with a blue, grey or bronze tint to further reduce solar glare if required.

Acoustic Glass

If noise is an issue then we can supply units with the outer layer made from 6.4mm laminated glass, this cuts down noise transmission due to the two layers of glass being made of dissimilar materials which has the effect of braking up the sound waves. We can offer ‘Acoustic Glass’ if required.

Triple Glazed Units

We can supply triple glazed units if required.

Decorative Glass

Follow this link to see the full range of decorative glass that we offer: Medina Joinery glass options

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