Roof Lantern Specifications

Standard Dimensions

Pitch                     30°

Rafters                 44 x 70mm    Roof Lantern Rafter Section Drawing

Hips                     44 x 90mm    Roof Lantern Hip Section Drawing

Jack Rafters        44 x 70mm    Roof Lantern ridge, hip and rafters sections

Plate                    44 x 158mm  Roof Lantern plate section with upstand

We are able to manufacture any size of roof lantern.

Here are the Standard Roof Lantern Sizes


Our roof lanterns are made from a hardwood such as Sapele or another sustainable hardwood.

The other option is European oak. This is used in the event you are looking for a natural oak lantern.

We would coat oak with a natural Osmo UV Resistant oil to enhance the grain and colour of the timber.

External capping

Rafter capping: Clearamber ALUKAP®-XR: 45mm BARS

Hip capping: Clearamber ALUKAP®-XR: HIP & VALLEY BARS

Ridge: Clearamber ALUKAP®-XR: RIDGE BARS

For detailed instructions of the correct way to install the ridge click here: Fitting the aluminium ridge with DPC disc


Standard units made up toughened 4mm / 16mm / 4mm softcoat, argon, black warm edge swiss spacer bars.

Also available is the self-cleaning Activ Solar controlled glass in natural, blue, bronze and grey tints.

Opening Vents

Aluminum opening vents with either manual or motorized options.

These can be supplied in a range of RAL colours to match the external capping.

  • Aluminum thermal clad composite system.
  • External drainage system.
  • Precise mechanical sealed mitered joints and concealed pressure cleats.
  • Full length integral hinge system, easy to remove for onsite access.
  • Fully fabricated with no onsite fabrication required


Sikkens Rubbol Joinery Coatings

Rubbol Block Primer WP175 is a stain inhibiting water-borne, moisture vapor permeable primer and mid coat.


Specially formulated for application by dipping, flow coating or saturation spraying as a primer and spraying as a mid coat.

Inhibits staining caused by water soluble timber extractives on most hardwood timber species.

A first class foundation for various types of opaque decorative coatings.

Good weather resistance as a semi-finished system. Excellent adhesion to timber Can be used over most fully dried preservative treated timber.

The Sikkens brand of opaque coating systems from Akzo Nobel (WF375, WF378, WF380) is the market leader in Europe and has long been recognized as a specialist in the field of wood care.

A range of high performance coatings is available to meet the challenging needs of the joinery manufacturer and the specifier, combining excellent aesthetic appearance with optimum durability.

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