Accoya Bifold doors. How many folding doors?

Medina joinery will manufacturer however many doors you choose for your patio bifold doors.

Timber bifold doors offer a real feeling of inside/outside. You can move a line of doors sideways to offer an uninterrupted opening to the outside.

Often used in kitchen and living rooms where you want to connect the space with a patio or deck area.

We supply all our wooden bifold doors fully finished with high quality top hung sliding door systems.

These can be made in any design from fully glazed to panelled, and in any colour.

Our hardwood timber bifold doors are bespoke and made at our own workshop.

They can be made in any size up to 5.9m wide and 2.4m tall.

Bifolds are only supplied in Accoya and painted with a factory applied paint system; this ensures they remain stable and look good for a long time.

Phone us for a chat, we can give you advice or help you choose what you might need.

5 doors

Accoya timber door bifold patio
5 doors
Wooden Timber folding patio doors
5 doors

4 doors

folding doors Bifold timber patio
4 doors


Timber bifold patio concertina doors
4 doors

3 doors

Accoya Bifold doors timber bi fold folding
3 doors


Wooden Timber accoya bifold folding doors
3 doors


The size of the structural opening does help decide how many doors.

Fewer doors you choose, the clearer views you will have.

Odd numbers also look best and gives you an access door.

An access door gives you a single outward opening door for everyday use.

Accoya doors will give a period look with character and style.

Accoya timber does not require the maintenance of other timbers.

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