Fitting a Medina Joinery Timber Roof Lantern

Below we are showing the progress of Medina Joinery fitting a Timber Roof Lantern

Installing the Lantern

Showing how a large wooden roof lantern can be supplied flat packed, assembled on the roof and fitted to the pre-prepared up-stand.

Fitting a Medina Joinery Timber Roof Lantern

The first thing to do is assemble the plate using the connector bolt and a PU glue.

Fix it in place onto the level, square up-stand.

Then bead it down onto an ISO-BLOCO 600 expending tape, which we can supply, or a good quality low modular mastic.

Installing Timber framed Roof Lantern

You can then start to fit the ridge and rafters into the set locations. They are all pre-drilled making this very straight forward.

Installing Medina Joinery Skylight

When all the hips and rafters are in place you then fit the gasket to the top of all items using the location groove to form a bed for the double glazed units.

Fitting Medina Joinery Timber Roof Lantern

The next thing is to lay the double glazed units onto the gasket with the stepped pane sitting onto the timber lip, making sure they are centered between the rafters.

glazing lights oak roof lantern flat roof

Lastly fix down the aluminum capping starting with the ridge section.

Then onto the rest of the rafter capping, finishing with the four hips with the larger Hip/Valley gasket.

Sit back and enjoy the view……

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