Timber roof Lights

Flat roof timber roof lanterns have become increasingly popular over recent years.

Timber Roof Lanterns Skylight RoofLight ball finials
Flat roof Skylights
Skylights Rooflights ball finials Flat roof
Timber Roof Lights with ball finials








The trend for flat roof extensions and orangeries has really taken off. Whether you’re looking to add a new living space that is traditional or contemporary in style to your home. A timber Lantern is a fantastically versatile choice which will suit either style.

Skylight RoofLight ball finials
Timber Roof Lights with ball finials
Hampshire Surrey Sussex London Portsmouth
Timber Rooflight







Skylights – multiple

Adding several lantern roofs to an extension or orangery is a nice alternative to having one large glazed roof.

Accoya flat Roof windows French Doors oak
Flat roof Skylights
Windows, French Doors oak Hampshire
Roof Skylights, windows and French Doors







Several smaller skylights add an element of interest the inside and outside, this also means there will be more areas of solid plastered ceiling, which will bring a more solid, room-like feel to your orangery.

ball finials Light Skylight rooflight
Skylights with ball finials
Roof Lights Skylights
Timber Rooflights on flat roof







For an extension, adding a rooflight as opposed to a flat skylight will bring extra height to the room, which can in turn, makes it feel bigger and more airy, key things that homeowners typically want to achieve when adding an extension to their home.

Low maintenance

Skylights are very low maintenance. Once they have been installed you can pretty much forget that they’re there. There are no gutters to keep clean.

Fitted to:

  • Hall to give extra light
  • Kitchen to add light and space
  • Lounge and dining rooms
  • Exsting or new extension
Skylight Light London Surrey Sussex
Lantern painted white solar aesthetically









Accoya French doors and windows
windows doors Lantern Skylight







Wooden Timber Skylight Lanterns Hampshire
New extension
Accoya bifold doors Hampshire
Existing extension


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