Gates – What would you choose, Accoya, Lignia, or a Cedar gate?

Its very difficult to know what wood to use externally for gates. Would you use Accoya, Lignia or Cedar which are all sustainable woods. Have a look below for more info.


Accoya® timber is the material of choice for external doors, windows and gates. It offers a 50 year above ground warranty.

Not only does it have extremely low thermal conductivity but it is more durable and dimensionally stable than the best tropical hardwoods.

It can be opaque coated or transparent coated.

The low maintenance requirements for Accoya add to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials.

Accoya gate hardwood timber

Arched top Accoya gate hardwood timber








Accoya gates, Hampshire

Accoya gates, Hampshire







Oak gates timber Hampshire uk

Oak gates timber hampshire uk








Lignia wood has similar properties to Accoya.

It also provides increased stability, density and hardness through its enhanced properties.

Lignia is pH neutral which means that it is not corrosive and standard steel fixings can be used without causing corrosion to the metal.

Arched top Lignia gates hardwood timber

Lignia gates hardwood timber








Most types of cedar share three general characteristics.

Cedar is a red softwood and comparable to pine in terms of its hardness.

It is also a stable wood, not prone to either expansion with changes in temperature and moisture or to cracking.

That combination helps make cedar easy to work.

Curved top external Cedar gates

Cedar gates







All of the timber offers different properties and each timber has a different look when weathered.

To help you make a decision for what to use: Accoya, Lignia or a Cedar

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