Timber Bifold Doors

Bifold doors offer a real feeling of inside/outside where you can move a line of doors sideways to offer an uninterrupted opening to the garden. Often used in kitchen and living rooms where you want to connect the space with a patio or deck area. We supply all our wooden bifold doors fully finished with high quality top hung sliding door systems and can be made in any design, fully glazed or panelled, in oak or Accoya, and in any colour.

Oak Bifold sliding doors windows bi-fold
Oak Bifold doors
Sliding Oak timber Bifold doors Hampshire
Oak Bifold doors
Accoya Bi-fold bifold Bi fold folding Doors
Accoya Bi-fold Doors
Accoya Bi-fold Bi fold Folding Doors internal
Accoya Bifold Doors
Painted Bifold sliding doors
Painted Bifold
Double glazed hardwood bi-fold doors painted
Painted Bi-fold doors
Double glazed hardwood bi-fold doors painted white
Painted Bifold doors
Double glazed wooden bi-fold doors french painted
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Our timber Bi-fold doors are supplied in either solid Oak with an oiled finish, or in Accoya and painted with a factory applied paint system; this ensures they remain stable and look good for a long time. They can also be made in any size up to 5.9m wide and 2.4m tall. There are lots of possible combinations when considering how they will open, you can have them all sliding to one side or the other, or split them and have a personnel door opening one way while the rest of the doors can open the other way.

Here is a pdf to all various combinations that are possible depending on your opening size and how you need to access and use your outside space.

We can help you with the final design and with all bespoke joinery projects. We produce AutoCAD drawings for comment and approval by the client to ensure that every detail of the design is correct before manufacture begins.

Our hardwood timber bifold doors are made in our own workshop in Hampshire, come and visit anytime.

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