Timber Sash Window

Medina Joinery can manufacture for you a timber sash window.

These are the most traditional of window designs. We can supply it as a traditional box sash with lead counterweights or the more modern solid frame with a sprung balance system. Casements can be fitted with double or single glazing and incorporate a Georgian glazing bar. Each timber Sash window is assembled by hand to ensure a quality unit, and fitted with Deventer Sliding Sash Flipper Seal to the casements removing the need for brush pile draught seal on the parting bead and staff beads which can stain and deteriorate over time, this will also improve acoustic and thermal performance.

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Timber sash window

Timber sliding sash window painted white hardwood

Accoya window painted F&B French Grey


timber hardwood bay sliding sash window         Hardwood sliding sash window painted double glazed         Beautiful Sliding Sash timber Window warmth


Hardwood sash windows view painted glazed         Timber Roof Lantern accoya windows oak          Double glazed hardwood french doors sash windows


The sash window was the uPVC window of its day and often made by the carpenters on site as a property was being built. The original windows had very little in the way of draught seals and this along with the single glazing could be cold and suffer from condensation.

Our box sash windows maintain the overall appearance of traditional windows but with all the advantages of modern weather seals, double glazing and secure locking.

When fitting sliding sash windows into new build properties, or replacing original windows it is well worth considering a sprung balance sash window. This looks just the same as a traditional box sash window but without the side boxes containing the lead counter weights. Instead we use a stainless steel spiral that is fixed to the side of the casement and acts in the same way as the lead weights. This is easy to maintain, comes with a 10 year guarantee and gives a nice smooth action.

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